FSC 8475 Specialized Flight Clothing and Accessories

Includes Specialized Antiexposure, Antigravity, Partial Pressure, and Full Pressure Ensembles, and Specialized Components therefor, including Unpressurized Protective Helmets, Eye Protective Devices, and items with Sound Attenuating Features. Excludes Conventional Winter, Summer, and Intermediate Flight Clothing Ensembles, and Components therefor; Components designed for use with both Specialized and Conventional Flight Clothing Ensembles.

Name NSN Details  
Retainer,earcup 8475-00-999-5458 RFQ
Earphone Cup Assemb 8475-01-016-2849 RFQ
Cord Set,helmet 8475-01-016-2850 RFQ
Bayonet Assembly,he 8475-01-016-2851 RFQ
Visor,housing,helme 8475-01-016-2854 RFQ
Goggles,flyers,flas 8475-01-017-4473 RFQ
Lens,visor 8475-01-021-9430 RFQ
Lens,visor 8475-01-021-9431 RFQ
Lens Assy,visor Kit 8475-01-027-1326 RFQ
Knob,actuator 8475-01-027-1329 RFQ
Lever Assy,visor 8475-01-027-1330 RFQ
Slider,visor Kit 8475-01-027-1331 RFQ
Lens Assy,visor Kit 8475-01-027-1332 RFQ
Lens,goggles 8475-01-282-9602 RFQ
Spacer,formed Inner 8475-01-033-0867 RFQ
Spacer,formed Outer 8475-01-033-0865 RFQ
Helmet Assembly 8475-01-034-8811 RFQ
Helmet Assembly 8475-01-034-8812 RFQ
Installation Kit,ac 8475-01-033-0866 RFQ
Coveralls,anti-G 8475-01-037-2006 Coveralls containing interconnected inflatable bladders designed to exert pressure upon the abdomen, thighs and calves of aircraft personnel to prevent blackout. Excludes COVERALLS, HIGH ALTITUDE AND ANTI-G and COVERALLS, HIGH ALTITUDE. RFQ