FSC 8475 Specialized Flight Clothing and Accessories

Includes Specialized Antiexposure, Antigravity, Partial Pressure, and Full Pressure Ensembles, and Specialized Components therefor, including Unpressurized Protective Helmets, Eye Protective Devices, and items with Sound Attenuating Features. Excludes Conventional Winter, Summer, and Intermediate Flight Clothing Ensembles, and Components therefor; Components designed for use with both Specialized and Conventional Flight Clothing Ensembles.

Name NSN Details  
Modification Kit,eg 8475-01-240-2884 RFQ
Modification Kit,he 8475-01-442-4784 RFQ
Modification Kit,he 8475-01-442-3542 RFQ
Trousers,anti-G 8475-01-443-0714 Trousers extending from the waist downwards and containing an inflatable bladder system designed to exert pressures upon the abdomen, thighs, and calves of aircrew. Excludes COVERALLS, HIGH ALTITUDE and COVERALLS, HIGH ALTITUDE AND ANTI-G. RFQ
Modification Kit,he 8475-01-443-2102 RFQ
Modification Kit,he 8475-01-443-2538 RFQ
Modification Kit,he 8475-01-443-2541 RFQ
Lining,helmet,shock Absorbing 8475-01-241-0166 An item of foamed plastic molded to conform to the contour of the inside of a helmet shell. It is designed to be permanently installed in the helmet to afford increased protection to the head from impact. RFQ
Receiver,bayonet,rh 8475-01-446-5815 RFQ
Cover,liner,helmet 8475-01-252-3336 RFQ
Cover,liner,helmet 8475-01-252-3337 RFQ
Cover,liner,helmet 8475-01-252-3338 RFQ
Shell Assembly,helm 8475-01-250-2699 RFQ
Shell Assembly,helm 8475-01-253-7226 RFQ
Liner Back Sizing T 8475-01-253-9643 RFQ
Helicopter Helmet 8475-01-256-7456 RFQ
Liner,flyer's Helme 8475-01-259-3851 RFQ
Liner,flyer's Helme 8475-01-259-3852 RFQ
Spacer,visor Track 8475-01-260-0764 RFQ
Spacer,visotr Track 8475-01-260-0763 RFQ