FSC 8905 Meat, Poultry, and Fish

Includes Game Birds; Shellfish; Sausage Casings.

Name NSN Details  
Pork Sausage Links 8905-01-504-1235 RFQ
Turkey Sausage Link 8905-01-504-8540 RFQ
Tuna,pouched 8905-01-526-2555 RFQ
Tuna,shelf Stable 8905-01-527-8365 RFQ
Chicken,rotisserie 8905-01-532-7777 RFQ
Bacon,preckd,sliced 8905-01-538-9113 RFQ
Beef Steak Burger,c 8905-01-539-5783 RFQ
Rabbit 8905-01-539-3952 RFQ
Rabbit 8905-01-539-3953 RFQ
Duck 8905-01-539-3980 RFQ
Chicken Chunks,whit 8905-01-545-6636 RFQ
Chicken,boned,canned 8905-01-560-8354 RFQ
Chicken,pulled,with 8905-01-567-8731 RFQ
Pork Sausage,pattie 8905-01-567-8777 RFQ
Beef Chunks,canned 8905-01-568-6928 Boned and trimmed chunks of beef packed with the natural juices of the meat. Excludes BEEF, CORNED, CANNED; BEEF, ROASTED, CANNED; BEEFSTEAK, CANNED; and BEEF WITH GRAVY, CANNED. RFQ
Beef Steaks,au Jus, 8905-01-572-7537 RFQ
Tuna,shelf Stable,l 8905-01-579-8004 RFQ
Tuna,shelf Stable,s 8905-01-582-6628 RFQ
Chicken Breast 8905-01-582-6649 RFQ
Chicken Breast 8905-01-582-6663 RFQ