FSC 9650 Nonferrous Base Metal Refinery and Intermediate Forms

Includes Ingots; Slabs.

Name NSN Details  
Copper Cake 9650-00-892-4005 RFQ
Cobalt 9650-00-892-4006 RFQ
Nickel Oxide Sinter 9650-00-892-4007 RFQ
Copper,wire Bar 9650-00-892-4003 RFQ
Nickel Oxide Powder 9650-00-892-4008 RFQ
Ingot,magnesium 9650-00-892-4002 A metallic item containing magnesium with a minimum of 99.8 percent purity. RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-892-4015 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-892-4017 RFQ
Copper Cake 9650-00-892-4004 RFQ
Ingot,copper 9650-00-892-4037 A metallic item containing copper with a minimum of 98.0 percent purity. RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-892-4018 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-892-4019 RFQ
Ingot,aluminum 9650-00-919-7382 A metallic item containing aluminum with a minimum of 98.0 percent purity. RFQ
Zinc Slab 9650-00-927-7519 A primary raw form of metal of at least 97.16 percent purity produced by the first smelting down of zinc ores or from subsequent refining processes. It is normally of a flat, rectangular shape which may be notched for easier breaking of the slab. It is used for remelting into more elaborate cast shapes and forms, for alloying with other metals, and for hot dip zinc coating. RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9039 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9040 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9041 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9042 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9043 RFQ
Copper Billet 9650-00-950-9038 RFQ