FSC 9925 Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies

Includes Vestments; Altars; Communion Sets; Ecclesiastical Candelabra; Chalices; Patens; Altar Cloths; Ecclesiastical Statuary; Sacramental Wine.

Name NSN Details  
Chaplain's Kit 9925-01-464-8618 RFQ
Kimar,women Ag 489 9925-01-464-9443 RFQ
Kimar,women White 9925-01-464-9444 RFQ
Kufi,men's Black 9925-01-464-9455 RFQ
Baptismal Certifica 9925-01-465-5714 RFQ
Hymnal For Worship 9925-01-465-5716 RFQ
Refillable Containe 9925-01-465-6351 RFQ
Medal St. Michael 9925-01-465-6571 RFQ
Torah Scroll 9925-01-465-9306 RFQ
Menorah 9925-01-465-9311 Excludes CANDELABRA, CHAPEL. RFQ
Candle,shabbat 9925-01-465-9330 RFQ
Book,psalms 9925-01-465-9339 RFQ
Mezuzah Case,silver 9925-01-466-1052 RFQ
Siddur,jewish Book 9925-01-466-1508 RFQ
Element Cover 9925-01-470-4113 RFQ
Field Pulpit 9925-01-470-4114 RFQ
Altar,portable 9925-01-470-4115 A portable structure, typically designed like a table, before which religious ceremonies may be enacted or upon which the Eucharist is celebrated in Christian churches. RFQ
Altar Hanging Set 9925-01-470-4116 RFQ
Fair Linen,altar 9925-01-470-4118 An item of fine cloth used for covering the top of an altar. Excludes COVER, ALTAR. RFQ
Sacramental Linens 9925-01-470-4127 RFQ