FSC 9925 Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies

Includes Vestments; Altars; Communion Sets; Ecclesiastical Candelabra; Chalices; Patens; Altar Cloths; Ecclesiastical Statuary; Sacramental Wine.

Name NSN Details  
Container,holy Wate 9925-00-212-2876 RFQ
Candlestick,process 9925-00-212-2887 RFQ
Container And Srpin 9925-00-212-2929 RFQ
Door Bell,sanctuary 9925-00-212-3014 RFQ
Monstrance 9925-00-212-3016 RFQ
Cabinet,sacristy 9925-00-213-6011 RFQ
Ciborium 9925-00-215-2646 RFQ
Hanging Set,altar-Lectern-Pulpit 9925-01-014-7212 RFQ
Cross-Crucifix 9925-01-020-1306 A reversible combination CROSS, ECCLESIASTICAL and crucifix. The reverse side of the crucifix has the scroll IHS and the representation of Christ is not visible. RFQ
Cup,communion,individual 9925-00-255-8734 RFQ
Fair Linen,altar 9925-00-255-8742 An item of fine cloth used for covering the top of an altar. Excludes COVER, ALTAR. RFQ
Fair Linen,altar 9925-00-255-8743 An item of fine cloth used for covering the top of an altar. Excludes COVER, ALTAR. RFQ
Scarf,chaplain's 9925-00-255-8745 A vestment consisting of a fabric band worn about the neck and hanging down front of the wearer. It usually has embroidered designs, such as the Star of David or the Christian Cross. RFQ
Communion Set,chapel 9925-00-255-8960 RFQ
Stand,bible And Missal 9925-00-265-7089 RFQ
Lectern,chapel 9925-01-032-9971 RFQ
Pointer,torah 9925-00-273-4544 RFQ
Book,jewish,sacred 9925-00-273-9024 Sacred writings or a collection of sacred writings of the Jewish religion, printed as a book. For books of the Jewish faith that are not sacred text, see BOOK, JEWISH. RFQ
Candle Burner 9925-00-275-7313 RFQ
Wine,sacramental 9925-00-268-7626 RFQ