FSC 9925 Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies

Includes Vestments; Altars; Communion Sets; Ecclesiastical Candelabra; Chalices; Patens; Altar Cloths; Ecclesiastical Statuary; Sacramental Wine.

Name NSN Details  
Cruet,communion 9925-00-282-9251 RFQ
Table,credence 9925-00-419-8567 RFQ
Hymn Board 9925-00-501-7527 INC 41158 REINSTATED ON 092413~ RFQ
Censer Set 9925-00-504-1733 RFQ
Chaplain's Kit 9925-00-926-5205 RFQ
Pulpit,chapel 9925-01-033-0700 RFQ
Stand,censer Set 9925-01-088-7614 RFQ
Chaplains Kit,consu 9925-01-326-2855 RFQ
Holder And Cover,ca 9925-01-111-1971 RFQ
Host 9925-01-353-9312 The eucharistic bread RFQ
Catholic Missal 9925-01-354-7648 RFQ
Bowl,baptismal 9925-01-197-8153 RFQ
Book 9925-01-448-6064 A collection of two or more sheets of any length or shape, written or printed. The sheets are fastened together between covers and may be permanently bound or punched for permanent loose-leaf binding or stored on electronic media, containing no programs or software. Does not include maintenance, installlation, and/or operating instructions applicable to one or more related pieces of equipment, see MANUAL, TECHNICAL. Do not use if a more specific name exists, such as BIBLE; DICTIONARY; and HYMNBOOK. See also BOOK SET. RFQ
Portable P A System 9925-01-450-0074 RFQ
Liner,baptismal,fie 9925-01-450-0085 RFQ
Book,ritual For Lay 9925-01-450-6804 RFQ
Book,divine Liturgy 9925-01-450-6880 RFQ
Bible,spanish 9925-01-450-7158 RFQ
Bible,new Testament 9925-01-450-7157 RFQ
Bottle,plastic,2 Oz 9925-01-450-8636 RFQ