FSC 9999 Miscellaneous Items

Includes only those items which cannot conceivably be classified in any existing classes

Name NSN Details  
Terminal,pass 9999-01-502-3158 RFQ
Pass Stand,single F 9999-01-502-3149 RFQ
Stow Deploy Eqpt 9999-01-508-9622 RFQ
Beam Assy,drive 9999-01-510-0700 RFQ
Mechanism Assy 9999-01-510-0705 RFQ
Lock Assy,port 9999-01-510-0709 RFQ
Beam Assy,transfer 9999-01-510-0715 RFQ
Beam Assy,transfer 9999-01-510-0716 RFQ
Beam Assy,pivot 9999-01-510-0719 RFQ
Beam Assy,pivot 9999-01-510-0721 RFQ
Lock Assy,port 9999-01-510-0723 RFQ
Boom Assy,pintle 9999-01-510-0726 RFQ
Lpt Assy 9999-01-510-0727 RFQ
Receptacle,boom Sup 9999-01-510-0731 RFQ
Collateral Equipment,full Set 9999-01-510-7975 A collection of various supplies, tools, weapons, electronic or fire control equipment and the like, which are required to complement an end item for combat readiness or initial issue. These items may be installed and/or boxed for shipment with the end item at depot level. RFQ
Module,mre 9999-01-511-1257 RFQ
Module,support E 9999-01-511-1258 RFQ
Module,stryk Q-Lube 9999-01-511-1263 RFQ
Module,water 9999-01-511-1264 RFQ
Module,stryk G-Lube 9999-01-511-1265 RFQ